So What is Pine Tar Podcast?

There are a lot of baseball podcasts. So what will make this one unique?

First, I want to bring the raw passion for the game of baseball that it deserves. Therefore, anyone who loves the game of baseball will be part of a show that pays homage to the game.

I plan to involve an extensive contact list of writers, people in professional baseball, fans, coaches, and players as part of the show.

If you’re a person that loves great stories, raw and unfiltered takes, and have a love for the game; this podcast was built to bring that to you.

Along the way we will cover all walks of the season, with a heavy focus on the Los Angeles Dodgers but also other teams around baseball in the spotlight as well. I want this show to tell a unique story that hasn’t quite been done this way yet.

Baseball – in some way or another – has given me almost everything in life. This is how I give back to it.