Tough calendar week for me. I’m up late for that reason.

I lost a close family friend today, as close as it gets. We had so much more left to do, but I know she’s watching over us still. This show is dedicated to my friend Christy.

The year was 2005, and the Cincinnati Reds had just fired a guy who earned a job through a successful minor league managerial career named Dave Miley.

I was 21 years old and living in a Major League city. That alone made me feel like I was living the dream. But even within dreams there is a best moment, something that you get a glimpse of that’s so real you can almost touch it. It’s on this fateful night back in the summer of 2005 that one of my best stories was born.

So I tell you the tale of my night with a big league coaching staff, and the manager Jerry ‘Grey Goose’ Narron. I hope it makes you grin.

Looking back, I just wish I had a better Alex Rodriguez question to ask Randy Whisler. That was a fail on my part.