In Episode 5 of Pine Tar Podcast, we welcome two guests.

First, the editor of Reviewing the Brew David Gasper stops by to talk Christian Yelich’s team record extension.

David also talks about why Yelich is such a great fit for Milwaukee, and how his extension will allow the organization to continue to build around one of the game’s greatest talent. Plus, he tells us why Craig Counsell is one of baseball’s best managers.

In the second half of the show, I talk to author and veteran sportswriter Rob Miech. Miech is the author of four books; including The Last Natural which chronicled Bryce Harper’s season at Southern Nevada Junior College and Sports Betting for Winners. Currently, Miech writes about sports betting for the Chicago Sun-Times. In fact, his feature article this Saturday focuses on the outlooks of 2020 Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

To say the least, Miech and I dig into quite a bit.

  • What teams were most profitable from a betting standpoint in 2019?
  • His roots as a Milwaukee Brewers fan – dating back to the heartbreak 1982 season
  • The time he ran into Rollie Fingers at a Las Vegas liquor store
  • What teams are the sharps on for the 2020 season, and why?
  • Bryce Harper talk: how his contract signing with Philadelphia unfolded, and why Bryce no longer has a relationship with Miech.
  • More good solid baseball talk in general, plus some NCAA basketball talk just in time for March Madness.

While we navigated through some technical issues – it makes for a solid listen. Give it a listen and enjoy.