It was August 3rd, 2001. And it was about to be the day we got more Bartolo Colon then we bargained for.

Of course, he was the guy we came to see. Indeed – he of the 103-MPH fastball on the gun version of Colon – and not the guy many of you have come to know and love. Back in those days, he threw gas. And he was facing Ichiro Suzuki and the Seattle Mariners who were an obscene 79-30 at that point. They finished the season 116-46, as one of the winningest teams in baseball history.

But on this day, some weird things happened. Therein lies the story.

Colon would have his way with the Mariners, but that is not the meat of this baseball tale from my past. Finally, if you have a stranger Bartolo Colon story; get in touch with us. You are welcome to come aboard the show and tell it.