I promised people content like this when I launched this podcast, and I have delivered something that is worthy of me calling my favorite episode thus far.

I was lucky enough to talk to a front office executive of an MLB team, and we talked about the following items. I think you will really enjoy this listen.

Here is what we discuss:

  • What are his true feelings on Rob Manfred?
  • He gives me his honest take on Corey Seager’s past, and future.
  • What does a Cody Bellinger extension with the Los Angeles Dodgers look like? And will it happen? Why or why not?
  • Why is the MLB Draft such a crapshoot in terms of who pans out for organizations and who doesn’t?
  • What does Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s career crystal ball look like?
  • He tells me one thing he would change about MLB right now
  • I ask for his sleeper team in 2020
  • If he could build around any player to start an organization – aside from Mike Trout – who would it be and why?
  • Will traditional scouts become obsolete due to advanced analytics in his opinion?
  • How can baseball improve upon just being a mostly regional sport?
  • I asked who wins the 2020 World Series. Not only does he tell me this, but he runs down his division picks all the way to the 2020 World Series and winner.

I could have asked about 100 other things, but I unfortunately had to take into account his time. It was an awesome discussion and I wish I could have played the conversation.

Thank you to my guy – you know who you are – for making this possible.

In the future, I plan to have a lot of segments like this that help us paint the canvas and get some unique takes on subjects like this pertaining to all things baseball.