Recently, I had a talk with an MLB Front Office executive. Of course in Episode 7 of the Pine Tar Podcast, I covered almost everything we talked about.

Still, I had more things I wanted to know. I like Pete Alonso a lot and wanted to see what we are dealing with here in the eyes of someone who works in the game.

I have heard the Jim Thome comp suggested before for Alonso. While I feel he is more along the lines of a Paul Goldschmidt without the stolen bases, a right-handed Thome makes some sense. As you can see above, Alonso’s future stock looks pretty good. Additionally, he liked the Thome comp pretty well.

Finally, I understand why Alonso’s cards and collectibles are pretty high priced for a guy with just one season of work under his belt.

Playing in a major market like the Big Apple with that kind of power, it seems fairly certain that he’s going to be the face of the New York Mets for a long time. Furthermore, the executive thought before the postponement of the 2020 season that an Alonso extension with New York could be on the way.

Definitely love Alonso – and while at first I didn’t think he would have this kind of power – it became clear to me in the second half that he was going to run down Aaron Judge’s rookie home run record. Take a step back for a minute and think about what kind of future Judge was thought to have before his rookie season. Then think about the fact that Alonso led baseball in home runs as a rookie.

Tally all that up, and he should age a lot better then Judge. The fact that he likes to listen to Whitesnake is merely the cherry on the sundae for me. One of the big reasons this COVID-19 postponement sucks aside from infringing on our daily freedoms and sources of enjoyment? It’s cutting into Pete Alonso’s prime and homer hitting time.

Soon enough, he will be back at it again. The sun will rise on Queens and Alonso will be doing his thing. Truly, he’s one of the guys I can’t wait to watch in action again.