In Episode 10 of Pine Tar Podcast, we pour one out for all our hurting homeys that are missing MLB Opening Day on this dreary March 26th that will forever live in infamy.

Topics for discussion:

  • MLB really wants to play (6:40 mark)
  • Why doesn’t the NBA (and NHL) have more urgency to play? (9:00 mark)
  • NBA is a horrible example for our young people, Kuzma’s purse. (13:00)
  • What’s up with Hollywood? (20:11)
  • Truth on Lebron James, the face of the NBA (23:10)
  • MLBPA & MLB reaches agreement while on air! (30:15)

There’s a lot more here, and it’s a long monologue episode. Guests will be invited when the temperature of the nation takes a hard left, and it will!

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Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the listen!