Episode 11 of the Pine Tar Podcast comes in the wake of Jeff Passan’s report that MLB is trying to cobble together a season for people who love it, the USA, and the world.

First off, we applaud baseball for this. Still there is more to dive into.

Topics for discussion:

  • Jeff Passan’s ESPN report (4:20 mark)
  • The NBA is still on my nerves (5:30 mark)
  • The upside for an MLB player who gives this idea a ‘go’ and why they should (8:41)
  • How does money involvement motivate players in MLB and NBA? (9:30)
  • The big reason why players could have a historical payoff if they participate in this unprecedented season. (10:50)
  • Why this is the least amount of ‘risk’ an MLB player has ever had in playing a season (14:11)
  • Going upper tank on Molly Knight (24:50)
  • Prepare for the mainstream media to pound baseball (30:20)
  • Going upper tank on Bob Nightengale (30:40)

There’s a lot more here, and it’s a long monologue episode. Guests will be invited when the temperature of the nation takes a hard left, and it will!

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Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the listen!