It’s time for yet another thrilling edition of The Pine Tar Podcast. Furthermore, we had so much fun in episode 12 with Dos and Bombers from 996 Fantasy League that they wanted a little more action. Dos breaks open some IPA’s while Bombers sips some bourbon.

All the while, we talked about the following:

  • The USA Today report from Bob Nightengale that MLB is considering radical realignment.
  • Impacts on fantasy baseball of a ‘Grapefruit League’ and ‘Cactus League’
  • If we had a baseball time machine, what season and what team do we go watch and why?
  • Ballpark bucket list
  • Ballpark we are least likely to ever see
  • Pandemic weight gain concerns
  • Zoom happy hour & quarantine athlete and pop-culture choices
  • Cody Bellinger talk

As always, there was a lot more as part of a smooth and fun episode with the fellas.

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