On Friday night, ESPN ran an E:60 on Roy Halladay titled Imperfect. While this was about a man who had quiet flaws and addictions, this documentary was done perfectly.

This was a particularly interesting thing for us to reflect upon in a short episode – both in terms of addiction – and remembering Halladay very well during his dominant 2009 and 2010 seasons.

We hope you’ll give episode 16 a listen and relax a little bit. It’s only fitting to pay tribute to a guy who was human like the rest of us while showing some humility and understanding what led to him living a tragically shortened life.

Indeed, many people said it wasn’t a tragedy when Halladay passed away by flying carelessly, and maybe it wasn’t. However upon learning the full backstory and hearing his family talk, you realize that it actually was a tragedy of circumstance of who Halladay was at his soul level.