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We grew up with astroturf, the San Diego Chicken, Gibbys home run off Eck, and Baseball Weekly box scores. There was no podcast about all this, so we made our own.


Welcome to My New Baseball Blog

Episode 16: Imperfect, The Roy Halladay Story

On Friday night, ESPN ran an E:60 on Roy Halladay titled Imperfect. While this was about a man who had quiet flaws and addictions, this documentary was done perfectly. “Nobody knew the whole story.” – for the first time since Roy Halladay’s death, his wife, Brandy, speaks on camera about his struggles with pain and addiction.#IMPERFECT airs […]

Episode 15: MLB Owners vs. MLBPA

It’s time for Major League Baseball to play ball. In fact, they should have been playing yesterday. And the day before that. Did you know: when MLB didn’t play on Memorial Day 2020, it was the first time on the holiday that the sport hasn’t been played since 1880? Preposterous. So why am I in […]

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